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Hot Tub Filter

Cleaning the hot tub filter once a month is a good practice. You don't need to replace the filter - just clean it once a month. Cleaning the filter will also prolong the life of the filter. We advise to check the instructions that came with the filter from the manufacturer. This will give you more concrete ideas and methods which you can use to clean the filter. Cleaning the filter is important because dirt, dust, mud, leaves, grass and other things can get stuck in the filter. This will slow the water when it is filling up your pool.

Using a hose is a good way to hit the filter with some water pressure. Some water pressure can go a long way to removing dirt and other things that get stuck in the filter. You can also soak the filter in a filter cleaner; this will help to remove things stuck in the filter as well. Once you dunk the filter into the cleaning solution, use a hose after to spray the filter and rinse it.

Another good idea is to keep a second filter on hand. When you need to clean the first filter, you can put the
second filter in in the mean time, until the other one is clean and ready to go.

Hot Tub Filter Reviews

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